I’ve had dinner at this location twice over the last year and it is by far my favourite buffet location on Disney property. Situated at the gorgeous Animal Kingdom Lodge it is themed to resemble a lively African marketplace and features food with flavour!

As this is a buffet location, the chef walked me around the various stations advising me of what was safe. There are some issues many coeliacs have with eating directly from the buffet, but I know most Disney chefs will be kind enough to get fresh food from the kitchens if you are uncomfortable eating from the buffet itself. A lot of the food at Boma is naturally gluten free and it is easy to spot the items to avoid. The meat and carvery station were safe, as were the various vegetables on offer. I could also have the rice and mashed potatoes, and the chef pointed out the sauces that were safe. The salad station also offered fresh items, however my favourite area was the soups! I love soup and Boma offers so many choices. The chef was able to advise which ones were okay for me to try.

The mulligatawny soup shown above fast became a favourite and on both trips to Boma I have had multiple bowls! I also tried the mushroom soup on my last visit but the mulligatawny will always be my first choice. In the plate shown below I have the spice-crusted beef striploin and the Durban chicken with rice and veggies.

For dessert the chef made me a selection of desserts gluten free and brought them to my table, including the famous Zebra Domes! Animal Kingdom Lodge is well known for this signature item and they can also be bought from the quick service location on property; The Mara.

Boma is one of the more pricey buffets at Walt Disney World but the food is worth it. You can view their current dinner menu here, and don’t forget to accompany your meal with some signature Jungle Juice, and a Magical Star if you’re over 21!


Disney Dining: Boma at Animal Kingdom Lodge (Dinner)
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