Wagamama was one of the first places I ever ate gluten free (you can view that review here) and it’s still one of my favourite places to eat. I love asian food and it’s really hard to find places where the menu can be adapted for coeliac so Wagamama is always my go to place! Plus they do gluten free soy sauce which is essential!

Wagamama Gluten Free Chicken Donburi
Wagamama Gluten Free Chicken Donburi

Since my original review in 2012, Wagamama have updated their gluten free procedures and now have a separate menu detailing what is safe. The choices are quite limited so you can still ask for the trusty allergy binder to find something else that can be adapted.

The new menu includes starters, mains and desserts, and also details the procedures the kitchen will go through to make sure your order is prepared safely. Once your server notices you have the gluten free menu they will get a manager to take your order, or go through options from the allergy binder with you.

From the starters, I have tried the duck wraps. These are amazing – and I’d never tried duck before so it was a pretty big step for me to even order this. The menu explains it as “shredded crispy duck served with cucumber and spring onions, served in a lettuce wrap with tamari sauce”. It’s really delicious and I’ll probably have this every time. It can be a bit messy though as it’s easiest to eat with your hands.

Wagamama Gluten Free Duck Wraps
Wagamama Gluten Free Duck Wraps

I was really excited to see ramen dishes on the menu, as this was what I always had pre-diagnosis (before I was forced to become more adventurous), and everyone knows I love chicken noodle soup.

The chicken ramen was good and full of flavour, but again really messy to eat because the rice noodles were quite hard to get on a fork and the chicken was difficult to cut inside the soup. It also comes with seasonal greens and spring onions. It tasted just like I remember but I do feel they give you a bit too much in the bowl. The portion could do with being a bit smaller.

Wagamama Gluten Free Chicken Ramen
Wagamama Gluten Free Chicken Ramen

I haven’t sampled the desserts (I’m always too full!) but you can’t go wrong with ice cream or fruit ice lollies and it’s just really nice to know there is something there to have if you would like in a world where desserts generally tend to be unsafe.

Although the chicken ramen was good, I think I prefer the teriyaki chicken donburi I reviewed in my previous post – grilled juicy chicken glazed with orange teriyaki sauce, sticky white rice, with thinly sliced carrots, pea shoots, spring onions and sesame seeds and a side of spicy kimchee with gluten free tamari instead of teriyaki – but it is nice to have more choice.

You can view the Wagamama gluten free menu in more detail online. What’s your favourite Wagamama dish?


Gluten Free Glasgow: Wagamama (updated)
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