Eating Out: Wagamama

NOTE: This post is from 2012. Updated review from November 2017 located here.

LOCATION: Silverburn, Glasgow

I’d heard from someone that Wagamama have a gluten free menu and, as it’s a family favourite, I was eager for the opportunity to try it out.

I asked for the gluten free menu and was given a grid that works alongside the regular menu. It’s pretty difficult and confusing. You have to match the numbers on the grid up with the numbers of the items on the menu, and then use the information on the grid to work out what will be taken away from the dish to make it gluten free. It took me at least ten minutes to order since it’s such a faff to figure out what you’re actually getting on your plate. In most cases, the sauce is missing or some of the flavourings or extra ingredients are taken away. Even some of the chicken isn’t gluten free since it’s fried in a sauce beforehand.

Eventually, after having a chat with a lovely waitress called Bo, I decided to have “teriyaki chicken donburi” (grilled juicy chicken glazed with orange teriyaki sauce, sticky white rice, with thinly sliced carrots, pea shoots, spring onions and sesame seeds and a side of spicy kimchee) without the teriyaki sauce and, to my surprise, she brought me over some gluten free soy sauce! My day was made!

My meal was absolutely delicious. The soy sauce added the flavour that was missing from the lack of teriyaki sauce and the flavour of the chicken with the rice and the mixture of vegetables was beautiful. However I didn’t try the kimchee as I’m not a spicy food fan. I usually have chicken ramen when I go to Wagamama which sadly isn’t gluten free and it was nice to have something different that I really enjoyed. It made a change from all the pasta and curry I’ve been eating lately too!

I’ll definitely be going back to Wagamama. I loved my meal and Bo gave us fantastic service throughout our visit, checking with the kitchen if any sauces could be substituted for the teriyaki before coming up trumps with the gluten free soy sauce! I don’t know if I’ll attempt deciphering the menu again though, probably just sticking with the same thing will be much easier!

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