Gluten Free London: LEON

LOCATION: Spitalfields, London

Earlier this year I visited London for a few days and was stuck one day looking for something to eat but not really feeling like a full sit down meal. I’d had the fries before in the Leon in Stanstead Airport and heard that Leon had other gluten free options so thought I would pop in to the Spitalfields location and check out their menu. Safe to say I was not disappointed!

Our tray!

The menu has a huge range of safe gluten free items from salads, to hot dishes and to sides. It was actually quite hard to decide as we were faced with so much choice! You can view the menu online here (the filters are really helpful!) We went to our table with a fully loaded tray!

Chicken and Chorizo Hot Box

Chicken and Chorizo Hot Box

In the end I went with the chicken and chorizo hot box, and my mum had the chicken satay hot box. Both were delicious. We also had some fries and tried the chicken noodle soup. Anyone who knows me will know that chicken noodle soup is the thing I miss eating most so being able to have some made my day. It was amazing.


There are currently no Leon locations in Scotland, which is disappointing, but I’d love to see them expand in the future. They have so many options for different dietary needs and it’s really refreshing to go in somewhere and find lots of choice – especially somewhere that is fast food.

Leon Chicken Noodle Soup

Leon Chicken Noodle Soup

I’m always really nervous having to eat “on the go” and tend to stick to restaurants I’m familiar with for sit down meals. I’m fussy and previously would probably have ignored Leon as it’s marketed as being healthy and good for you, which to me means it’ll probably be full of things I don’t like. I was glad to be pleasantly surprised and will definitely return. There’s some really great insight on the Leon website about their vision and nutritional values so it’s worth checking out if you want to know a wee bit more.

Please let me know if you have any “go to” lunch places that would be classed as fast food. I’m always keen to try somewhere new and it’s encouraging to branch outside my safe zone.

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