The GF Cheerleader’s Guide to Eating Out

ASK Italian – 
The staff are really good with the gluten free options and the pasta tastes delicious. The menu is really easy to follow and if you’re nice enough they might even make you a gluten free garlic bread!

Bella Italia – 
They have a fantastic gluten free menu with lots of options on it and you don’t even have to bring your own pasta! Bella Italia used to have four pompoms but I’ve knocked one off because I had a bad experience there recently.

Cabana Brazilian Barbecue – 
The staff didn’t really know what was gluten free and we had trouble making ourselves understood, but the food was nice!

Di Maggio’s – 
The menu only states that the pasta can be made gluten free but doesn’t mark any other gluten free options. However the food tastes good and it’s handy if you’re in Glasgow because they’re everywhere.

Domino’s Pizza – 
The pizzas from Domino’s are delicious and you can even get them now on the Two for Tuesday’s deal! They taste just like the normal pizzas. More gluten free sides would be nice though.

Handmade Burger Company – 
Great choices for coeliac’s on the menu with the possibility of building your own burger. Staff will always make an effort to make eating there as easy and as enjoyable as possible.

Harvester – 
They’ve got a detailed menu  online which tells you what is gluten free and there’s quite a lot of choice. I’m only giving it three pompoms though because I wish they’d make their gravy gluten free too!

Jamie’s Italian – 
Staff are very helpful and the pasta is delicious. A lot of the pasta dishes and mains are available gluten free. Good choice.

Mamma’s American Pizza – 
Five pompoms for Mamma’s! Definitely deserves it’s title as the best gluten free pizza in Edinburgh. The pizza’s are unlike any other I’ve tasted and they do gluten free starters, desserts and beer too!

Massimo’s – 
My pasta was delicious and I like that they went to the effort to make gluten free options available during a buffet. It might get more pompoms if I go during a busy dinner service and still have a good experience.

Nandos – 
The menu here is pretty much entirely gluten free as it’s all chicken, with the exception of the obvious items like bread, burger buns and pittas. However I’ve given it only three pompoms because of the peri-peri chips not being gluten free.

Pizza Hut – 
The pizza is made on a square base and isn’t cut up for you so you know it’s definitely a gluten free one. The menu is clear to understand and so long as you ask for fresh salad out of the kitchen instead of the salad bar then you won’t be unwell. Gluten free potato wedges or garlic bread would move Pizza Hut up to four pompoms.

Sarti’s –
They get four pompoms because they’ve been my favourite restaurant for years and I’m so glad that I can still eat there. And the food is just as good gluten free!

SoHo on Miller Street – 
This is just for Glasgow diners, but the food is good and there’s a lot of choice. I’ll bump them up to four pompoms when they start doing gluten free pizza!

TGI Friday’s – 
I’ve eaten here three times, and been glutened twice. They have a gluten free menu but aren’t careful enough with cross contamination.

Wagamama – 
The menu is really confusing and difficult to understand, but the food is excellent and there’s still quite a lot of options for coeliacs. AND they even have gluten free soy sauce!

Wetherspoons – 
Good for a quick pub meal. The menu clearly marks what is gluten free and there’s surprisingly a good amount of options to choose from.

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