Eating Out: SoHo on Miller Street

LOCATION: Glasgow City Centre

I’m trying to venture away from the standard chains, and look for more independent and local restaurants to eat at. I used Urbanspoon to search for gluten free friendly restaurants in Glasgow and there’s a huge choice. Since Italian food is my favourite, I decided to go for SoHo on Miller Street which was near the top of the list. Their website says that gluten free pasta is available and when I booked a table for my boyfriend and I, I made sure to put that I was a gluten free diner.

When we arrived at SoHo, the waitress took my name and then said to the manager that we were here who asked us which one of us was eating gluten free. He told me that I could have pasta, but they are still looking in to gluten free pizza bases. He also said that although he was giving us the pre-theatre menu, if I wanted something different they’d be happy to still give me the pre-theatre price which I thought was a pretty good deal since the pre-theatre is obviously more limited. The waitress was lovely and asked me one of the stereotypical gluten free questions – “can you eat potatoes?” so she obviously wasn’t too clued up on the full details of Coeliac but she was helpful and understood what I wanted.

I played it safe by ordering parma ham and melon as a starter. For my main course I had Rigatoni Picante – on the menu as “pasta tubes in pepperoni, cream and tomato sauce”. The food was lovely and my only criticism would be that the pasta was typically under cooked like in most restaurants attempting gluten free pasta. The sauce had fantastic flavour and my boyfriend even tried it and enjoyed it. The only dessert on the pre-theatre menu that I could have was the ice cream, but it was a massive bowl which made up for the lack of choice.

It was a really busy Saturday night so we felt we didn’t get as good service as you might if you went in for lunch on a weekday, but we work in hospitality so we understand how difficult it is. The waitress did come over for a chat after we’d paid which was nice. She spent about 5 minutes chatting to us when she was clearly rushed off her feet.

If you’re out and about in the Glasgow area then I definitely recommend SoHo. The atmosphere is great, the food is great, the drinks are great, and it’s all decently priced. For your non-gluten free eaters, they have a fantastic pizza range and they did look absolutely delicious. Hopefully they’ll be doing some gluten free pizza in the future!

Check out the SoHo website HERE.

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