Gluten Free Aviemore: La Taverna

This week I’m staying in Boat of Garten near Aviemore, and although we’re doing a lot of our own cooking, I thought I would take the opportunity to check out the local gluten free offerings.

I did a bit of research on Tripadvisor prior to coming up and really liked the look of a restaurant called La Taverna which advertised gluten free pizza and pasta. We decided to visit on our first night as we hadn’t had a chance to do a shopping yet!

The menu is really varied and I assume they probably have other safe options they could discuss but I just went with a standard Hawaiian pizza. They also have a buffet on offer at an amazing price but I assumed I wouldn’t be able to eat much off of that!

The pizza was one of the nicest gluten free pizzas I’ve ever eaten. The base was really light and crispy and didn’t taste doughy in the slightest which I find a common issue with gluten free bases. It was a good size and felt fresh. I forgot to ask if it was made on the premesis or premade but it did make a pretty speedy arrival at my table.


I chose not to have a dessert but on the buffet they had selections of ice cream and jelly available and also a gluten free daim bar cake! If I go back I’ll definitely give that a try.

Overall I was really impressed with all Taverna and would eat here again. They also had takeaway available so it’s ideal for coeliacs staying in the area who want food to go.

Check out the La Taverna menu here.

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