Costa Coffee Christmas Drinks

It’s official folks, Pumpkin Spice season is over and the Christmas cups are in the coffee shops!! As usual, various exclusive seasonal drinks are appearing in coffee chains up and down the country so, if like me you enjoy switching up your usual caramel latte for something different, read on to find out what is safe for coeliacs in Costa this Christmas.

Costa Coffee Christmas cup in front of Paisley Abbey

On a quick look at the allergy guide (found here) it doesn’t seem like we can have much. However this is pretty deceptive as in most cases it is just the toppings which are considered unsafe.

Billionaire Latte, Hot Chocolate and Frostino – this is new to Costa this season and is basically a drink version of the popular Costa Millionaire’s Shortbread. These are all gluten free without the golden crumb on top.

Black Forest Hot Chocolate and Frostino – basically a hot chocolate with cherry syrup, whipped cream, sour cherry sauce and some black forest chocolate sprinkles. Both the hot and iced versions are gluten free and no modifications are needed.

Gingerbread Latte – this is gluten free without the toppings (red berry crumb and a mini gingerbread man)

Honeycomb Latte – my festive favourite! The topping for this (chocolate honeycomb pieces) carry a cross contamination warning so best to avoid just to be safe.

Salted Caramel Cappuccino – although topped off with a “salted caramel fudge crumb” you can enjoy this drink with no modifications as the topping is gluten free – YAY!

Mint Hot Chocolate – this drink is finished with an amazing green shimmer topping but sadly it’s not gluten free so you’ll need to go without. The hot chocolate and the mint syrup are both gluten free.

Lindt Hot Chocolate – gluten free

Hot Spiced Apple Drink – gluten free

Costa also have a gluten free and vegan mince pie this year. You can discover more about their Christmas range on the Costa website. If you are unsure about the suitability of any drinks in Costa please speak to your Barista who will be more than happy to check the ingredients for you.

Have you tried any of the Costa drinks? Let me know what your favourite is this festive season.

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