Gluten Free Edinburgh: Zizzi

I’ve been in a few Zizzi’s but have most recently visited the Edinburgh location when I was through at the Edinburgh Fringe this summer. Zizzi have a really varied menu, calling it a “non-gluten” menu rather than gluten free because as always when eating out, there is a risk of cross contamination in the kitchen. They also highlight on their menu any dishes where an ingredient will be fried alongside gluten containing items because they don’t have dedicated fryers. Annoying but I’m glad they have stated it so I don’t have to ask! Your food all comes with a yellow sticker on the plate so you know it is gluten free.

The Menu

The menu contains a range of starters, pizzas, pastas, main meal dishes and risottos. They also have a dessert menu. Previously when I’ve been in they haven’t had any starters that have looked appealing to me, but on their new Autumn menu they have “Non-gluten mini ‘little soul’ breads” which seem to be dough balls baked with garlic and sea-salt. They have a range of dips you can choose from for this including garlic butter and some other less common dips. I love garlic bread and it’s one of the main things I miss since starting my gluten free diet so I’ll definitely be trying this next time I visit Zizzi.

Gluten Free Zizzi Pulled Beef and Venison Ragu

Zizzi Non-Gluten Pulled Beef and Venison Ragu

The pasta options include 8 pasta dishes, one of which is also vegan. It’s great to see options for multiple dietary needs. My favourite pasta dish is the pulled beef and venison ragu pasta which is served with their gluten free fusilli pasta. It’s full of flavour but I always need to remember and ask for it without mushrooms! I’ve forgotten before and it made the dish considerably less enjoyable. They also have 8 pizzas to choose from with three being vegan, and a range of additional toppings. I really want to try the pizzas here but they haven’t had bases in stock the last few times which is always disappointing.

The desserts are quite varied for a gluten free menu. We can have a sticky toffee and praline torte, a chocolate pudding or a chocolate and salted caramel sundae. There is also ice cream and a selection of toppings. I usually skip dessert but on my last visit I decided to go for vanilla ice cream with popping candy and a salted caramel sauce. The toppings are served on the side which is good as you can add as much or as little as you like. I was sadly disappointed on my last visit as my ice cream was served melted. but it did at least taste good.

Final Thoughts

Gluten Free Zizzi Vanilla Ice Cream

Zizzi Vanilla Ice Cream

The main thing that I wish Zizzi would improve on (apart from the melted ice cream) is I wish they would offer a non-gluten garlic pizza bread as it would be nice to have something you can share with the gluten eaters around the table. This is my issue with every Italian restaurant that serves gluten free pizza but won’t offer the bases with garlic for a starter or side.

That being said, I do enjoy the food at Zizzi and will definitely be back. They also always have amazing seasonal drinks – I was spoiled for choice when I was there in the summer.

You can view the Autumn allergy menu at Zizzi on their website.

Have you eaten at Zizzi? What’s your favourite dish?

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  1. January 10, 2018 / 8:00 pm

    Wow they have such an extensive gluten free menu, its good to see chain restaurants meeting more dietary needs! x

    Han |

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