Gluten Free Glasgow: The Italian Kitchen

Every December I have an annual pre-Christmas meet-up with my friends from school, usually in Glasgow and usually involving food. This year we were looking to go somewhere different and, after researching different places with gluten free options, decided on The Italian Kitchen.

The Italian Kitchen is located in Glasgow’s Merchant City. It’s a wee bit of a walk from the city centre but it’s on Ingram Street so it’s really accessible on foot. I definitely recommend walking as you pass some nice buildings. I don’t recommend falling off the pavement and twisting your ankle on the way there, like I did.

Gluten Free Glasgow: The Italian Kitchen

The restaurant has recently had a bit of a makeover and the interior and exterior are lovely. I wish I’d taken more pictures but my twisted ankle was keeping me well distracted! The staff were amazing and sorted me out with an ice pack, even offering to let me use the disabled bathroom so I didn’t have to limp downstairs to the ladies.

They don’t have a separate gluten free menu but the waitress ran through their main menu and told me what I could have. Quite a few of the starters were available gluten free, and I could also have the risotto and the pastas with gluten free pasta. Sadly, no pizzas, but the waitress did also say a lot of the other dishes on the menu would also be fine she would just have to double check with the chef for any adaptations. I asked about the chips and she said these were gluten free and fried in a separate fryer – hooray!

After lots of hard decision making, I ordered the “Tagliatelle con prosciutto, piselli e panna”, which in English means “Tagliatelle with baked ham shank, peas, garlic, cream and parmesan” and a side of chips. I don’t often go for creamy pasta but I just really liked the sound of it.

Gluten Free Glasgow: The Italian Kitchen

Everything tasted amazing and my whole party enjoyed our meals. I’d definitely be interested in going back as so many of the pasta dishes sounded appealing. We decided not to have dessert, but I know they do have at least one safe dessert option thanks to this review from Sparkles at Midnight.

Overall the restaurant was lovely and the food was really good. Again, I was disappointed in the lack of gluten free bread options. I live in hope that one day gluten free garlic bread will be everywhere!

You can view the menu for The Italian Kitchen here.