Gluten Free Edinburgh: Pizza, Coffee and Cake

Earlier this summer I headed across to Edinburgh for a couple of days to see the tour of Wicked. While I was there it seemed like the perfect opportunity to visit a couple of gluten free hotspots on my list.

First off, we visited Giuliano’s for dinner which is directly opposite the Edinburgh Playhouse – very handy for the theatre! Thinking back, Giuliano’s is actually the place I had my last ever gluten filled meal as we went to see a show the evening after I’d had my endoscopy and ate there.

They do gluten free pizza and pasta, and I was very excited to try a pizza as I hadn’t had one in a while. I ordered the “prosciutto ananas” which is just a Hawaiian pizza.

Giuliano's gluten free pizza

The pizza was delicious, and I honestly couldn’t fault it at all. It was cooked perfectly. Since eating there, I have seen a few people online saying not to waste your money as the bases are shop bought but really do we honestly expect every restaurant to be able to have a completely safe space to roll a gluten free pizza from scratch? I’d rather have a shop bought pizza base than not have one at all!

The next morning we checked out from our hotel and headed on an adventure to find Sugar Daddy’s – a completely gluten free bakery which has recently become quite well known through a kickstarter campaign to move to a bigger premises.

Sugar Daddy's Edinburgh

Sugar Daddy’s is about a fifteen minute walk from the City Centre and is near the Botanic Gardens. We were lucky and it was empty when we arrived and were able to grab a seat (there’s only one table!) It’s a completely coeliac safe space and a lot of the food is also dairy free, nut free and vegan so there’s something for everyone.

I can’t explain how good their selection of goodies is, so you’ll just have to experience it yourself! They have everything from doughnuts to brownies, from blondies to flapjacks, from cookies to cupcakes – it was gluten free heaven! I picked up a doughnut to eat in the café, and bought two cookies and a cookie sandwich to bring home.

Cakes at Sugar Daddy's Edinburgh

They also offered a selection of coffee and you could buy Wheat Free Bakery products. We picked up some bread to take home and freeze. They had a wide range of dairy free alternative milk options which is great for those of us who also might be dairy intolerant.

I really have no desire to live in Edinburgh, but if it meant I could go to Sugar Daddy’s regularly I would definitely consider it!

Later on that day I found myself heading to meet a friend for lunch at Mimi’s Bakehouse in Leith – chosen because they advertised gluten free and it was a lovely day.

Mimi's Bakehouse Edinburgh

Their menu is great but I’m really picky and there wasn’t much I thought I would enjoy at lunchtime. I ended up with a plain ham sandwich which was good and it came with crisps and a wee side salad. It had three slices of bread so was really filling!

Gluten free ham sandwich and iced coffee at Mimi's Bakehouse

I had an amazing iced coffee in Mimi’s and did check out the cakes but there weren’t any gluten free ones left! No worries though – I had a backpack full of goods from Sugar Daddy’s!

Edinburgh is a great city and a tourist hotspot so it was really good to get across and try some of the places I see recommended to visitors. Hopefully I’ll be over next month for the Edinburgh Fringe and I can’t wait to see what else I can find!



  1. July 28, 2018 / 1:35 pm

    It looks like Sugar Daddy’s is really affordable which makes such a nice change I’m not coeliac myself but I have noticed that gluten free foods are often so much more expensive. No wonder you stocked up!

    • Kathryn Murray
      July 30, 2018 / 2:26 pm

      It was really great! I wish I lived closer so I could go more often!

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