Eating Out: Nando’s

LOCATION: Covent Garden, London

Nando’s is always a popular choice among my friends, the food is good, reasonably priced and usually quick if you’re in a hurry. Today I was really in the Nando’s mood and I figured it was mainly just chicken and chips so there was a good chance I’d get something gluten free.

I was right. I asked the waiter what was gluten free and he said “basically everything” which is great! When we sat down he pointed out things on the menu that weren’t gluten free and it still leaves quite a lot to choose from. None of the burgers, pittas or wraps are gluten free so that was my usual meal out of the window. I asked if you could just order it without the pitta and he pointed out the Chicken Butterfly on the menu and said it was basically the same thing but without the bun/pitta/wrap. I had worried about the spices not being gluten free since I know the marinades for chicken at my work aren’t, but thankfully they are and I ordered my usual lemon and herb spices.

The only sides that aren’t gluten free are the peri peri chips (you can get those from my work instead!) and, obviously, the garlic bread.

The meal was quick as usual and I really enjoyed the chicken. Usually I’m not a fan of chicken with the skin on but it added a lot more flavour to the chicken and it was a little chargrilled in places which added even more! The only thing I miss about the pitta is that I used to stuff my rice inside the pitta with the chicken and that made a really nice flavour.

I don’t know whether you can bring your own bun/pitta/wrap to Nando’s but I’m definitely going to look in to that. Or if you already know then please share the info! I’m glad that I can still go to Nando’s and enjoy a good meal that’s completely gluten free.


  1. faye
    December 8, 2012 / 5:01 pm

    This has really helped me thank you

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