Eating Out: Handmade Burger Company

Ok so I’m slightly biased on this one since I work here, but we really do have a great gluten free menu. In fact, we cater for all food allergies but we’re talking about gluten free here!

All of our beef burgers except from the American Cheese and the Jerk can be ordered bunless and gluten free by special request. The menu says that the Jerk burger is gluten free but I just happened to see the ingredients earlier and it contains soy sauce and has an allergy warning so don’t order it even if the menu says so! I’ve let head office know so hopefully this will be fixed soon! If you let a member of the waiting staff know that you’ll be ordering a gluten free beef burger then we can let the kitchen know in advance before you order. We have a huge variety of beef burgers (12 excluding the American Cheese and Jerk) and because all of our burgers are hand pressed in the restaurant we can prepare the burger specifically to your gluten free (or any other food allergy) needs.

Our chicken is gluten free when ordered without a bun as it’s a chargrilled breast rather than a burger in breadcrumbs. Only two of the toppings available with the chicken aren’t gluten free (Japanese Sukiyaki and Hoisin) but that still leaves you with 10 delicious chicken burgers that you can choose from.

Our four lamb burgers are also available bunless and gluten free by special request but I’d definitely recommend checking with the waiting staff before ordering that the kitchen will be able to prepare a gluten free lamb burger as I know we sometimes have limited amounts of lamb.

Unfortunately, none of our vegetarian burgers or our chicken skewers (with the exception of plain) are available gluten free but you can have either our house salad or our fabulous Super Salad (two of your five a day!!!)

Our sides (with the obvious exception of onion rings) are gluten free, including our new seasoned chips which I think is fantastic since the Peri Peri chips at Nandos aren’t gluten free but ours are!

We differ from normal restaurants in that our variety of burgers is massive, even if you do have a food allergy. If you don’t really want a beef burger, or we can’t make one gluten free up for you, then you can transfer the toppings from a beef burger on to a chicken. And we won’t just slap it all on the plate since it’s bunless, I personally think the bunless burgers look really nice on the plate and look a lot more appetising than the burger WITH the bun!

The quality of our food is excellent and you can read all about it on the website HERE.

You can view the allergy menu HERE.

And if anyone is interested, I have a bunless small chicken classic with extra bacon but just lettuce (I don’t like tomatoes or onions!) every time I’m at work and it’s delicious! If you’ve got a Handmade Burger Co near you and you haven’t been yet then I definitely recommend checking it out and let me know how you get on! And if you ever come in to the Braehead, Glasgow store then give me a shout.


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