Gluten Free London: Honest Burgers Piccadilly

Honest Burgers

Anyone who knows me, and has heard me talk about where to eat in London for the past year or so, will have heard me say how much I want to eat at Honest Burgers. On my latest trip, I finally made it!

We visited the Piccadilly restaurant. We were going to see Heathers at the Theatre Royal Haymarket and it’s only about a five minute walk away. That location is really small and cosy and I immediately loved the vibe. It smelled incredible inside and we got a table right away – bonus!

The menu is brilliant for coeliacs as everything is, or can be made, gluten free. That’s right – everything. I decided to go for a chicken burger (with no tomato or mayo and added cheese) and we ordered some portions of onion rings for the table to share. Not just ordinary onion rings – gluten free onion rings!

Gluten free chicken burger from Honest Burgers with rosemary salted chips

Gluten free chicken burger from Honest Burgers with rosemary salted chips

The chicken was cooked perfectly and the gluten free bun was amazing!

I loved the rosemary salted chips and the onion rings were just on another level of deliciousness. I actually didn’t like onion rings before I was diagnosed with coeliac disease. My only past experience of them is the frozen free from ones from Tesco. The ones at Honest Burgers are 100 times better.

They don’t fry any gluten containing items at Honest Burgers (all the sides are naturally gluten free) so you don’t have to worry about cross contamination. They will still give you the standard line about gluten being present in the kitchen though (in the form of normal burger buns).

Gluten free onion rings and the Botanical Garden cocktail

Gluten free onion rings and the Botanical Garden cocktail

I also ordered the Botanical Garden cocktail – gin, Honest iced tea, apple and lemon. It was really refreshing and surprisingly an ideal accompaniment for a burger. I also tried a sip of the Ruby Fizz cocktail (vodka, apple, rhubarb and lemon) and of their homemade mint lemonade.

It was great being able to enjoy my food without asking too many questions like “what’s in this?” and “how is this cooked?” – it really made the whole experience more enjoyable.

Honest Burgers is now firmly on my “must visit when in London” list, alongside Leon and Yorica!

I’d love for one to open in Scotland!

You can view their menu here.

Have you been to Honest Burgers? Let me know what you thought in the comments.

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