Eating Out: Italian in Glasgow

Sorry about the silence! Had a couple of posts up my sleeve for a while now and have decided to combine brief descriptions in to one post since they’re all Italian restaurants in Glasgow.

ASK Italian

My first visit to ASK wasn’t great. We were seated straight away and the restaurant filled up behind us. We ordered with no problem and my boyfriend got his garlic bread. Then we waited. And waited. And waited. And even waited some more. Eventually we asked where our food was and were told that the kitchen had lost the order. Fair enough, it happens. The manager said she’d get it right out. Next thing a waitress appears with a free rosemary bread. My boyfriend pointed out that I couldn’t eat it but we appreciated the attempt. Soon after our food arrived and the waitress then brought us over a GLUTEN FREE GARLIC PIZZA BREAD which pretty much made my night. They could do nothing wrong after that!

Our food was delicious and despite the initial bad experience (which we were given on the house due to the long wait and the fact that I couldn’t even eat my full meal since I had to dash off to a rehearsal five minutes after it arrived), I’ve been back twice because the staff are always lovely and do their best to make my dining experience enjoyable. And the sorbet is to die for! I’m going to try the pizza next time too!

Fratelli Sarti

Sarti’s is my all time favourite¬†restaurant. We’ve been going there on every family birthday, anniversary, special occasion etc for years now and I was delighted when my dad phoned up and found out that they’d started doing gluten free pasta. We mentioned that I was coeliac on arrival, and I was pleased to notice that the menu stated that gluten free pasta was available. My dad had been told on the phone that they did gluten free bread but it wasn’t marked on the menu and I didn’t want to make a fuss and ask.

I ordered my usual favourite (pasta pomodoro) with the gluten free pasta and the order went off to the kitchen. It took a little longer than usual, as gluten free meals often do, but it was just as delicious as I remember it. I know pomodoro always sounds boring since it’s just a plain tomato sauce, but Sarti’s do it best! My mum asked them what they put in it one time and I know carrot and celery are both on the ingredients list! I don’t cook very well so this seems a bit random to me but it obviously works. We love it so much that we used to buy the sauce in bulk to have in the freezer! They stopped selling the sauce on its own a couple of years ago so I hadn’t been able to have it since my diagnosis until they started doing the gluten free pasta.

Sarti’s is still my favourite restaurant in Glasgow and probably always will be. My family couldn’t even find food that compared to it when we were on holiday in Italy in 2006! I’m so glad that it’s still somewhere I can go and enjoy a meal just like I used to.


I performed in the musical ‘Anything Goes’ in November and the aftershow party was at a restaurant called Massimo. I was definitely concerned about the gluten free options as it was advertised as a buffet. However, after speaking to the organiser, I was told there would be gluten free options for the three gluten free diners in the cast – hooray! On arrival I was asked what kind of pasta I wanted. A little bemused, I said something tomato based. I’m not a fan of cheese so tomato is always the way forward. Just before the buffet opened, I was presented with a massive plate of pasta.

It was delicious and cooked to perfection – something I’ve always found that restaurants struggle with. There weren’t any other gluten free options available that I knew of but the pasta was enough. I’d never even heard of Massimo before and now it’s definitely somewhere I’d look in to going again. I would like to see what the service is like during a busy night instead of at a pre-booked buffet at midnight!

Di Maggio’s

Di Maggio’s is a very popular Italian chain in Glasgow. There are seven in the area and almost everyone has been at least once. I always enjoyed the food at Di Maggio’s and on Christmas Eve when I was out for dinner with a few friends, that was where we found ourselves. The menu only mentions gluten free pasta so I’m unaware of other options on the menu but there might be some available. I’d always choose to have pasta so I didn’t concern myself with looking for other options although other coeliacs might not have the same fondness of pasta as I have! The menu just says to ask about other allergens.

The pasta was, typically, a little undercooked but still tasted good. I probably wouldn’t choose to eat at Di Maggio’s over the other Italian¬†restaurants¬†in Glasgow but it’s handy for when you decide to go out at the last minute! I’ll try and ask next time about the other gluten free options on the menu and post updates here for you all.


Ask Italian


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    I just came across this review. I run a Gluten Free travel website and was wondering if you may allow me to share your suggestions to help fellow Gluten Free travellers? I will happily link back here with credit and subscribe to your blog for future updates.

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    • theglutenfreecheerleader
      February 13, 2013 / 10:57 pm

      Hi there,

      That is no problem with me. I mainly focus on restaurants in the Glasgow area but I have a couple from London and Edinburgh in here too as well as some national chains so hopefully it’ll be a lot of help.


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