Gluten Free Edinburgh: Mamma’s American Pizza

LOCATION: Edinburgh

I’ve become quite familiar with the good gluten free spots in Glasgow but Edinburgh is still unknown territory, despite working there over the summer. So when my boyfriend bought me tickets to see Dirty Dancing at the Edinburgh Playhouse it presented an excellent opportunity to check out the gluten free dining options!

I tried the typical spots first. I know that Guiliano’s which is opposite the theatre does gluten free pasta but it was fully booked. I also tried Amarone and got a lovely response back listing all of the gluten free options on the menu but eventually decided to try Mamma’s American Pizza which I read online does the “best gluten free pizza in Edinburgh!” Sound good? Yes, it did to me too!

Mamma’s is situated in the Grassmarket and it took us 15 minutes to walk there from the bus station. It had a student vibe about it which made it quite a relaxed place to eat. The brick walls are covered in posters advertising shows and club nights in Edinburgh and a big, colourful mural covers one of the walls. We found it quite funny that the music playing was a French radio station!

The menu clearly states what items are gluten free, including all the toppings. There are gluten free starters, gluten free desserts and even gluten free beer! We had cheese nachos to start which I’m pretty positive were homemade tortilla chips – they were delicious but might not have been the best idea when you’ve got a full pizza to eat right after!

I had a pizza on their gluten free base with pepperoni and ham. You can tell that their base is made from scratch. It tastes a lot better than the shop bought bases and really was excellent. My only criticism is that you pay extra for the gluten free base but I assume that’s because it’s made fresh to order. My boyfriend also really enjoyed his pizza.

I was tempted to have the gluten free chocolate brownie dessert but after the nachos and my pizza I was extremely full!!

We loved our experience at Mamma’s, the staff were lovely and very knowledgable about gluten free food. We’re already planning our next trip! Definitely a must-eat place in Edinburgh!


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