Eating Out: TGI Fridays

DATE: 5th of July (two days after diagnosis)
LOCATION: Braehead, Glasgow

My local TGI’s is a staple place for the family to get some good food and we knew they had a gluten free menu so we decided it would be the first place we’d try after my diagnosis. I asked for the menu on arrival and was pleased that they had a separate menu instead of just pointing out stuff on the main menu that had a G next to it. It just makes life easier! I’ll admit I wasn’t too thrilled by the options on the menu, at least half of the menu being burgers or chicken which is what I eat at work three or four times a week but I think that’s how I’m going to find most menus so I got on with it and ordered a steak with chips and some of the cajun spiced rice. You can download the TGI’s allergy information¬†HERE. We checked with the waitress that everything was gluten free and off she went.

After a very long wait our food arrived and I had onion rings on my plate which I know aren’t gluten free. I pointed this out to the waitress who said she’d just misheard me. My mum requested a fresh steak and chips to avoid cross contamination, but within 5 minutes my plate reappeared and I’m convinced they just got a fresh plate and swapped everything over since I was ill afterwards. The manager brought this second plate but just apologised and maintained that the waitress had misheard.

I work in a restaurant and if someone ordered something gluten free and then asked for onion rings I would definitely point out that onion rings weren’t gluten free to avoid something like this happening. I at least thought the manager should have offered a free dessert or something.

All in all it wasn’t the best of gluten free experiences but I’m hoping it won’t happen again. I’m not too keen on going back since the choices weren’t great but my friends seem to think TGI’s is the greatest thing since sliced bread so I’m assuming I’ll be back fairly soon.

If you’ve had a good gluten free experience with TGI’s then please share it so I know that not all hope is lost!

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