“You might have Coeliac Disease…SURPRISE!”

Until a few months ago, I didn’t even really know what Coeliac Disease was. I knew the basics from working in a restaurant but was unsure of the details and was extremely unaware of the symptoms. It was never something I’d even considered having.

Being told I might have coeliac disease came as a huge shock to me. I have had problems with mouth ulcers since I was little, but in the past year these had been becoming increasingly worse – I sometimes got four to seven mouth ulcers all at once for up to two weeks making eating and speaking extremely difficult. Finally I decided to do something about it and my dentist referred me to the dental hospital in Glasgow where I was told it could be an allergy or could be due to a deficiency or iron or something similar and was given a blood test. On receiving my results I was told I was testing positive for the antibodies found in people with gluten intolerance and was explained the ins and outs of coeliac disease. Suddenly lots of things began to make sense and coeliac seemed like the cause of all my problems.

Three weeks ago I was officially diagnosed with coeliac disease and I have been struggling with the gluten free diet since. Apart from a little slip up at T in the Park (you just try eating gluten free in a festival atmosphere where there are no gluten free options other than chips for four days when you’ve only been on the diet for two) I’ve been coping pretty well at eating the gluten free foods, just not at finding them!

Therefore I’m going to document my own adventure in to the gluten free world. I’m a fussy eater and eating is already difficult for me so it’ll be interesting to see how this all pans out. I’m hoping to be able to cook more myself and expand my own food knowledge as well as figure out what I can and can’t buy when I’m on the go! I’m a recent graduate from university working two different jobs and struggling to eat when I’m commuting so hopefully this will become easier in the next month or so. So stay tuned.


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