The Gluten Free Festival Experience

I went to popular Scottish music festival, T in the Park about four days in to my gluten free diet. I tried to be prepared and armed myself with a backpack full of food – gluten free crisps (pom bears), some gluten free bread and some tuna to make sandwiches, some pepperamis, and a range of gluten free biscuits. Sadly, you can’t live on crisps, pepperamis, biscuits and sandwiches for a weekend! Well, you might, but not if you’re barely in the tent to eat the stuff and I wasn’t going to cart all this food around with me the whole time.

So what can you eat that’s gluten free at a festival? Good question! I never really found the answer. The only option near my tent was chips. There was a huge variety of food places in the arena and the programme said that the “Healthy T” section had gluten free options but most stands sold burgers, pizza, pasta, noodles etc. and I didn’t really have the time to stand in massive lines just to ask if they had anything I could eat.

I ate practically nothing over the weekend, only giving in to all the wonderful gluten temptation twice – once to have some of my friends noodles (they smelled and tasted incredible) and to have some chips and gravy because by mid afternoon on Sunday I was starving! I regretted those decisions though when they made me ill!!

If you’ve successfully managed a festival gluten free then please share your tips for other GF festival goers! This was my first festival but I loved it. I’ll definitely be back and I’d like not to starve next time!


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