Chocolate Sadness

Every week at rehearsals we get a break where we can have tea/coffee/juice and crisps or a chocolate biscuit. I usually have a quick scan of the biscuits to see if there’s any I can eat and usually come back empty handed but last night I spied a little mint Aero bar hidden and I got quite excited.

After a quick scan of the packaging, there seemed to be no allergy information present but I spotted a little line that said it may contain traces of eggs, nuts and soya. Hooray! No gluten! However I won’t be fooled so easily! I found it weird that it didn’t say that it contained milk in the allergy information. So I decided to read the ingredients properly and spotted that it contains “wheat flour” – so there we go. Gluten is present but it doesn’t say in any allergy information.

I’ve read online that mint Aero’s are gluten free. Can anyone clear up the confusion? If not I’ll email Nestle and ask!


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