Eating Out: Jamie’s Italian

LOCATION: Westfield Stratford City, London

On our mission to find somewhere for dinner in Westfield we had popped in to Jamie’s to ask if they did gluten free pasta. They did! Hooray! Although we went elsewhere that night, we did decide to eat lunch in Jamie’s Italian the following day.

After being seated, I asked the waiter what was available and he said they had gluten free fusilli pasta and I could have it with any of the sauces. But again, the fries weren’t gluten free because of the cooking method. I chose to go for my standard Italian restaurant food – bolognese!

It was supposed to be served with tagliatelle, but I got it with the gluten free fusilli. It was without a doubt the nicest bolognese I’ve ever eaten in a restaurant. I like my pasta with a lot of sauce and this was perfect. Not only was it delicious, the gluten free pasta was cooked to perfection – something I’m finding a lot of restaurants seem to have difficulty with. My mum had the free range chicken – grilled garlic & rosemary chicken with a tomato, olive, chilli & caper sauce – which I tried and was also delicious. The waiter was really helpful, running back to the kitchen to ask if the chicken was gluten free so that I could try it.

The waiter also pointed out the items on the dessert menu that I could have. I had the “Minty Lemon Granita” which according to the online menu comes with biscotti and ice cream…but I didn’t get either of those with it! It’s basically crushed ice with some mint and some limoncello. Delicious!

I’d eat at Jamie’s again. I know there’s one in Glasgow and I can’t wait to try it. The staff are really helpful and the food is great! Next time I might ask if I can have chicken with a side of pasta since I can’t have the fries.

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