Eating In: Domino’s Pizza

Yesterday, Domino’s Pizza launched their gluten free pizza bases. I eagerly drove to my local Domino’s today so I could try one out!!

I ordered the gluten free base (which only comes in small) with half pepperoni and chorizo pizza, and the other half mozzarella and garlic butter since I’ve been craving decent garlic bread for the past five months! Because I was in the store I was able to watch the guy preparing my pizza like a hawk and was initially shocked at how tiny the base looked once it was unwrapped!! I saw them get separate sauces out of the back for my pizza too.

It was so difficult to resist the pizza on the drive home. It smelled absolutely incredible. You know that delicious, fresh Domino’s smell that’s a nightmare to resist? Well that was the aroma surrounding the Domino’s box on my passenger seat! I even resisted having a little peek!

20 minutes later I arrived home and tucked in! All I can describe it as is absolute pizza heaven!! The base is soft in the middle but not soggy, and crunchy at the crusts without being the consistency of cardboard. And I made excellent topping choices. The pizza half was full of flavour – the pepperoni and chorizo really brought something extra to the taste of the pizza, and the garlic half definitely satisfied my garlic bread craving!

It cost me £9.99 for the pizza and I think it’s a bit small for that price. I would have liked it to be a little bit bigger, and would consider buying two in the future (one pizza, one garlic bread) if it wasn’t so expensive! Sadly, since the gluten free pizza is a small base, it isn’t included in the Two for Tuesday offer so I couldn’t even get two that way. Hopefully Domino’s will consider allowing the gluten free base to be considered in this offer in future as I know they’ve already had a lot of disappointed coeliac’s having to pay full price for pizza’s today!

Despite the fact that it was cold by the time I ate it, it was still the best gluten free pizza I’ve tasted yet. It beats Pizza Hut and Prezzo by a MILE! So far I’ve had no side effects but I’ll keep my fingers crossed that all is well. I’ve had a wee peek on the website and they clearly mark everything that contains gluten with a little ‘G’ symbol. Only three toppings appear to contain gluten – meatballs, cumberland sausage and ground beef. Only two of the sides are gluten free – coleslaw and the spicy pork bites, but I’d definitely like to see an improvement in this as I really, really miss the potato wedges!!

Sadly because it is a 20 minute drive to a Domino’s (I live right in between two and neither of them deliver to me), I don’t think it’ll be something that I eat regularly, but it’s nice to know that I can get a Domino’s with a group of friends and know I’ll be ok!

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