Eating Out: Prezzo

LOCATION: Braehead, Glasgow

My work is right next to Prezzo, with only a waist height glass wall separating our restaurants, so quite often staff from HBC order food from Prezzo on our breaks. After watching my friend Alex munch through a pizza the other day, I decided I would see if they had any gluten free bases and get one myself.

I took quite a big risk as I was busy and Alex spoke to the waitress for me. She checked that they had gluten free bases and ordered me one. When another staff member wanted a pizza five minutes later, the waitress asked Alex if that one was gluten free too. When the pizza arrived Alex checked that it was gluten free for me and brought it over.

My first impression was how small it was compared to my boyfriend’s regular one. It’s quite a substantial size difference. However it does taste really good. I found the base to be quite light and fluffy instead of the usual dense feeling of gluten free bases. And it didn’t make me ill so they must have good cross contamination control methods.

I probably wouldn’t ever choose to eat in Prezzo but at least I know they have an option for me now – when they have them in stock anyway!!


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