Gluten Free Glasgow: The Restaurant Bar & Grill


Recently I was looking for somewhere that served good quality steaks to take my boyfriend for his birthday and my mum recommended The Restaurant Bar & Grill in Princes Square. You may be able to tell from my previous reviews that this isn’t our usual type of restaurant, but it was a special occasion so we splashed out. I had checked in advance that they had a gluten free menu available and I was pleased with the choices on offer.

On arrival we were given a choice of sitting indoors in the bar area, or “outside” on the terrace. The terrace is an indoor area looking over the rest of Princes Sq and we chose to sit there as it was light and airy. The other restaurants nearby were all quiet so there wasn’t very much noise. The waiter brought me gluten free bread along with our menus. I was impressed to begin with but it was tasteless and hard, much like the bread I eat at home!

Gluten free bread with oil

After trying to decide whether to get a steak each, or share one between us, we settled on a Chateaubriand which is like a filet steak but for two to share. On the gluten free menu it specifies that it comes with sweet potatoes, a Bearnaise sauce, creamed spinach, roast tomato & mushrooms. I was pleased to learn that the sides were individual and not to share, which meant that Paul could have chips and I could swap the sweet potatoes for mash! Our waiter recommended we had a starter so we chose the chicken skewers, described on the menu as being served with tikka spices and mint yoghurt.

chicken skewers

When the skewers arrived I was so keen to tuck in that I forgot to take a photo until after we’d already had a few bites. They were probably the tastiest chicken skewers ever! They weren’t too spicy and were very fragrant. If I went again I think we would order one plate each as we ate them so quickly.

We had ordered our steak to be “medium rare” but the waiter had assured me the chef could serve me the better cooked slices from the outside of the steak as I prefer my steak medium. It came on a platter with the mushrooms and tomatoes, and the other sides were served seperatly.

restaurant bar and grill steak

The steak was cooked perfectly and my mashed potatoes were also delicious. Surprisingly, I also enjoyed the creamed spinach which complimented the mash nicely. My only criticism would be that I don’t like Bearnaise sauce and I wish they had other gluten free sauce options as it would of finished my meal off perfectly.

For dessert we both had the vanilla creme brûlée which was delicious – again I forgot to take a photo before I started eating!

vanilla creme brulee

Overall we thoroughly enjoyed our experience at The Restaurant Bar & Grill and will no doubt be back. It was pretty pricey so we’ll probably save it for future special occasions, but I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a nice meal out. They also have a private dining room in the back so you can hire it for a large group or work event etc.

You can view the current main menu here.


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