Gluten Free Glasgow: O Sole Mio

O Sole Mio is a Glasgow favourite – trading on Bath Street in the City Centre since 1965! It’s actually the first place my mum ever had a pizza in the 70s.

I’ll be honest and say I had no idea O Sole Mio existed until a friend booked it for meal a few years ago. I don’t remember very much apart from that I had spaghetti bolognese.

The Meal

We visited again last night before a concert and I asked the manager if they had a gluten free menu. He said no but that they had gluten free penne pasta and could make gluten free pizza.

O Sole Mio Gluten Free Pizza

O Sole Mio Gluten Free Pizza

I ordered a gluten free margarita pizza and added on some parma ham. Everyone at the table had pizza and mine was noticeably different from the others in size and colour. It was really thin and crispy and delicious! Easily one of the best pizzas I’ve had. I ate all of it and was given the impression that the base is freshly made on the premises rather than brought in pre-packaged.

As we left I spoke to the manager again and told him how much I had enjoyed the pizza. He told me the local Coeliac group often go there for their annual lunch and that he can swap out nearly everything on the menu for a gluten free equivalent. He is, unfortunately, still searching for gluten free amaretti biscuits to go with the coffee!

The Final Verdict

Evenings Entertainment - Music from the Movies

Music from the Movies – GOS at the RSNO Centre

I would usually pass by O Sole Mio to go to Ask Italian or Dimaggios, but I’ll be more likely now to go back for another delicious pizza! The pizza tasted amazing and was a reasonable size. The restaurant is quite small and therefore feels really cosy, and the menu is varied. I went on to my show at the Concert Hall (Glasgow Orchestral Society’s Music from the Movies) feeling really satisfied and had no ill effects. Definitely a new favourite!


NOTE: They don’t detail any gluten free options on the menu so you will need to speak to your server for guidance.

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