Costa Coffee Christmas Drinks 2018

Costa Coffee Christmas Drinks 2018

Christmas is coming guys! No point in denying it now that the coffee shops have all got their festive menus in. Here’s what is gluten free in Costa Coffee this Christmas.

Hazelnut Praline Latte and Hot Chocolate – this is a regular hazelnut latte or hot chocolate, combined with chocolate sauce (I think they might put this in the bottom of the drink but I’m not sure) a swirl of cream and a crispy chocolate truffle crumb. This is gluten free without the crumb on top.

Caramelised Orange Latte and Hot Chocolate – flavoured with caramelised orange syrup and topped with whipped cream. They put a little dried orange slice on top of this and the whole drink is gluten free without any changes.

Gingerbread and Cream Latte and Hot Chocolate – this is gluten free if you ask for it without the mini gingerbread man that comes on top

Black Forest Hot Chocolate – this is the same as last year and is gluten free as it comes.

Honestly, I’m not as impressed by their menu as last year (which you can see here). The honeycomb latte was a winner and there definitely isn’t as much to choose from!

I can imagine the orange and cream one being OK in a hot chocolate, but it seems a strange choice for a latte, and I really don’t like hazelnut so that one is out for me as well.

The gluten free mince pies have made a return this year. If you’re a fan then get in and snap them up while you’ve got the chance.

I think this winter I’ll just stick with my usual caramel cappuccino. At least it’ll have a festive chocolate sprinkle star on the top!

What will you be ordering from Costa this Christmas?

Costa Caramel Cappuccino with a festive chocolate sprinkle star

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